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The Carpathians are a place of strength, where free people live, where vivid stories and unforgettable tastes are born. The authentic collection presents four mystical chocolates dedicated to the most interesting places in the Carpathians.

Chornohora (Ukraine)
Chernogora is the highest ridge of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The magic of our green forests is revealed in three mouth-watering pralines made from three ripe, fragrant nuts: determined hazelnuts, tempting almonds and sumptuous pistachios.

Gerlach (Slovakia)
Gerlach is the highest point of the Carpathian Mountains in the High Tatras of Slovakia. Nirvana tastes like a delicate ganache on milk chocolate with a tempting banana souffle and a wave of salted caramel.

Transylvania (Romania)
Romanian Transylvania is a place of colorful legends. our “Transylvania” is a loose souffle with coffee, sensual coffee caramel and delicate ganache made with milk chocolate.

Zakopane (Poland)
The Carpathians are also fashionable resorts. Our "Polish" chocolate consists of three notes of chocolate in delicate layers of silky ganache: brutal black, rich milky and dreamy white.
Welcome to the chocolate Carpathians!

110 g.



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