Milk chocolate LAIT COSTA RICA 38.5

Get ready for a chocolate trip through Costa Rica

Kyiv — San Jose
9880 km, 16 hours
In the small Latin American oasis of Costa Rica, there are untouched tropical forests, ocean beaches, and eternal summer.

An almost constant temperature and a still humid climate allow one of the best cocoa beans from different regions to be grown here.
At the same time, their production is worth so much, since it is not large-scale: it covers only 0.017% of the world harvest.

No matter how unlikely was the possibility of getting to know such a unique sort, you did, because the bar of WANDER chocolate you can be holding right now is made from Costa Rican "Trinitario" cacao beans. Along with the basal aroma of cocoa, the variety has a whole bouquet of fruit and flower aromas.
The rich, savory of beans are like various nature of Costa Rica.
And this is natural for cocoa, which mostly grows spontaneously in the depths of the jungle under the supervision of indigenous people.

90 g


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