Шоколад чорний PERU 64

Get ready for a chocolate trip to Peru
12,270 km, 1 day 21 hours
Peru is a country of natural diversity and mystical Inca architecture. Ancient volcanoes border here with evergreen Selvas, mountain ranges rise above deep Plains, and lakes locate next to coastal deserts.
Go deeper, to the most remote corners, and wooden houses with clay statues, stone roads and carts drawn by mules that will take you back to the time of the Inca descendants of Quechua. The same ones that made a drink from Peruvian cocoa beans many centuries ago.
A special place among these unspoilt expanses of Peru belongs to the Amazon, whose surrounding lands are called the cradle of cocoa. After all, here, on well-moistened soils, a variety of chocolate trees were born.
Although cocoa plantations cover a significant area of the country, compared to cocoa beans in many other regions, Peruvian ones account for a small percentage of the world crop - 1.6%.
With this WANDER chocolate bar, you have a unique opportunity: to get acquainted with two sorts of cocoa beans that grew in the Amazon forests - tender, almost
bitterless taste of "Criolo" and aromatic and rich "Trinitario". Once blended together, their uniqueness is revealed in full!
90 g (g)


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