Provocative and feminine, bright and original chocolate collection in the form of a set of lipstick - Ladies ' Power - offers 9 chocolates with three refined flavors based on tipsying drinks:

"Tropicana". Luxurious chocolate lipstick seduces with the unique taste of ”Piña Colada", which combines bright notes of pineapple juice and fragrant coconut milk. In the silky texture of white chocolate ganache, the Caribbean cocktail gives vivid festive emotions.

"Strawberry". The seductive taste of strawberries from the German cream liqueur “XUXU” is surprisingly rich and lively, because the drink contains at least 65% of berries. "XUXU “is the same as ”Kiss Kiss": enjoy strawberry kisses in a silky white chocolate ganache.

"Purpur". The warming, slightly spicy taste of floral-chocolate notes of Arran Scotch whiskey warms both the mouth and the heart. The noble aroma of apples, lemon zest and sea breeze is gently rounded off by a creamy aftertaste in milk chocolate ganache . Strong love from the first candy.



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