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There is always room for miracles in the world. You just need to be able to
see them.

When you hold a chocolate bar made from rare cocoa beans grown in a distant country, is it not
a miracle? Isn't it amazing when you receive a sweet collection that reminds you how many
more discoveries lie ahead of you?

WANDER is about the fact that every day is a new page of a unique journey.

Your chocolate journey
Search. Discover. Get inspired.

An exclusive journey for your taste buds

Single Origin chocolate from WANDER is a pure experience. Each of its types is produced
from a mono-sort of cocoa beans from a certain region. Enjoy and bring closer: the bright sun of the Dominican Republic, the carnivals of Venezuela, the wild nature of Ecuador...

A concentrated travel experience
in every sweet

A smell, a taste, an association, or an image can
teleport us in a second to another dimension of space and time. This is how we get into memories or dreams. WANDER has such a magical ability: after all, the idea, form and filling in our sweets are combined for a reason.

Inspiration to be open to the world

WANDER is on the same page as those who are looking for opportunities, answers, themselves. Sometimes it seems that we have reached a dead end. Then all we need is enough support and a sign that we are on the right track. Let our sweet box be such a sign.
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Follow your internal compass with WANDER

The right path is the one you choose with your heart.

One day you can go off the usual route or vica versa. Then you suddenly notice the beautiful
in the ordinary.

And there is not a single contradiction in dreaming about something distant and being happy there,
where you are.

The most important thing is to trust your every step.

Keep wandering.